Advanced Beekeeping: From the Hive to the Bottle

Advanced classes are available to students who have previously completed a beginner beekeeping class, or prove to have basic beekeeping knowledge. Our advanced classes only run twice a year. Please contact us if you would like more information.


From the Hive to the Bottle


Ever ask yourself, "How does honey make it from the bee to my kitchen?"  Come see for yourself and take a hands-on advanced beekeeping class with SF Honey & Pollen Co.


Through hands-on instruction you will learn the entire process of bottling honey, From the Hive to the Bottle.


  • Suit up and look like a real beekeeper! All students are supplied a full bee suit prior to going into the apiary.
  • Hands-on education. Students themselves, go into living, working bee hives.
  • Where's the honey? Harvest honey straight from the hive.
  • Spin it! Students extract honey by hand, as well as use a giant centrifuge to spin it from the comb.
  • Bottle it up! Every student gets to bottle their very own jar of honey from the day's harvest. 


Class will start off at SF Honey & Pollen Co.'s urban apiary, located in San Francisco's Bayview District. There will be no schoolwork here! Students will immediately suit-up in professional beekeeping suits and step into the yard. You will spend 1-2 hours opening working hives and collecting ready-to-harvest liquid gold (aka honey).


With the hard work finished, the fun has only just begun!


After closing up the hives and completing the work at the apiary, students will travel to SF Honey & Pollen Co.'s kitchen & bottling location, in the West Portal Distract of San Francisco (students will need their own vehicle to make the 15 minute trip). Once here, we'll take a break for lunch (not provided) and visit a nearby, neighborhood Italian Delicatessen, where students will have the choice of purchasing their own lunch (or may bring their own).


When lunch is over, it's back to work! Students will take the honey harvested earlier in the day and extract it with their own hands. After a few more steps to complete the process, students help in bottling the day's reward, honey! Each student gets to bottle their own 9.5oz jar of liquid gold.


What are you waiting for? Whether you're an experienced beekeeper, someone who's taken a beginner beekeeping class, or a newbie with basic beekeeping knowledge, come find out wheres' the honey!?! Sign-up to take our class, Advanced Beekeeping: From the Hive to the Bottle, today!


2022 Scheduled Dates:

Sunday, July 24th, 2022 10a-5p

& September 24th 2022 10a-5p