Beginner Beekeeping: Introduction to Beekeeping

Introduction to Beekeeping


Learn all the fundamentals of basic, backyard bee keeping from Christina McDonald, a local experienced beekeeper. Through discussion and hands-on instruction you will learn about the infrastructure of a working hive, production of honey & pollen, and the beloved Queen.


Class will begin with a "classroom" lecture where you will learn why bees are so important to our local agriculture as well as how easy it can be to set-up and care for your very own beehive. The lecture will be followed by stepping outside to explore SF Honey & Pollen Co.'s very own urban apiary.


During this 3-hour Introduction to Beekeeping Class students will have the opportunity to:

  • Suit up and look like a real beekeeper! All students are supplied a full bee suit prior to going into the apiary.
  • Learn about the hive. Receive a hands-on education of the construction and inner workings of a beehive.
  • Where's the honey? Go into an active hive to find honey, pollen, and the beloved Queen.
  • Wrap it up! After spending approximately an hour outside, students will go back into the "classroom" and have a chance to continue the buzz...

...The buzz continues with an open Q&A session. Allowing students to reflect on the day's activities, you are given the chance to ask any questions you may have about bees, hives, honey, pollen, & backyard beekeeping.


The sweetest part of the class has yet to come. The Q&A session will be followed by a class tasting of SF Honey & Pollen Co.'s artesian, microclimate honeys & pollen, all locally harvested from our hives in the Bay Area.


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We also offer the following varieties of our

Beginner Beekeeping Class:


  • Setting Up a Hive: An excellent class for those planning on setting up their own hive. In addition to our standard beginner class, through hands-on instruction, students will use a 3lb. package of bees and learn how and help to set-up a living hive. This class is held only one day per year and sells out in advance.



Class will be on April 10th 2020, 10a-1p or 1:30p-4:30p

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  • Winterizing a Hive: In addition to our standard beginner class, an emphasize will be placed on how to prepare a hive for the winter months. This class is our last class of the year.

Date TBD

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